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Providing Real Hope Through Innovative & Compassionate Care

For people who've experienced the anguish of being diagnosed with cancer the question often asked over and over is "why me." Their lives are turned upside down. Their families and loved ones are devastated. The treatment options seem like aconfusing maze.

At times like these, when the outlook seems dim, Florida Regional Cancer Centers (FRCC) offer today's most innovative, effective treatment methods that can give patients real hope and recovery. Our history shows that we embrace new technologies and therapeutic advances in the fight against cancer. We were one of the first to offer 3-D conformal radiation therapy, high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy, intraoperative radiation therapy in Florida and the USA. In addition, FRCC was the first in the area we serve to offer stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy.

Our team of radiation oncologists, physicists and dosimetrists work together to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for every patient we see. We work closely with our physician community and inform them of the patient's progress with written reports, as well as make ourselves available for consultation whenever needed.

Finally, the will to heal runs deep at FRCC. Encouragement, support, and compassion are daily themes throughout our office. Appointments are thorough and unhurried and the diagnosis and treatment options are explained to patients in simple, easy to understand language.

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